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Josh Estelle, a Google Translate engineering leader, speaks at Google I/O 2013.

Google Translate now serves 200 million people daily

The company breaks down language barriers a billion times a day, it reveals at Google I/O. On the to-do list: real-time conversation translation.


Pixel's camera failure only one of many

The Chromebook Pixel may be pretty, but it can't talk to cameras -- among the many problems that keep it from being a prime-time laptop.

Unidentified Google employee testing out prescription Google Glass.

Google's top product of I/O 2013: You

Instead of gadgets, the message is clear: Google's personalized services are aiming to get into your head and be a part of you...and your social life.

Stephen Konig, a Google product manager, discusses the WebP image format at Google I/O 2013.

Google cuts network usage by terabytes by switching to WebP

Google is happy enough with WebP to spread it across the company, including the Google+ app on Android. Also: new features coming to WebP.

Jonah Jones, the user experience design leader for Google Maps, speaks at Google I/O 2013.

How Google, with your help, is overhauling its maps

Google Maps users supply critical data that the company uses to customize maps based on the destination selected and to create cinematic fly-bys of popular locations.

Prototype Google Glass glasses at Google I/O.

Glasses with Google Glass: Prescription versions appear at Google I/O

What about Google Glass for those who don't like contacts? A few glasses with Glass attached were lurking on the show floor.


Low Latency No. 62: No one is safe

Lost among the service updates and new product features, Google has begun to make an aggressive push at eliminating some of its popular competition.

Chrome programmer Lars Bak speaking at Google I/O 2013

Google: Dart will rescue browsers from JavaScript

The programming language for Web sites and Web apps is less complex and therefore easier to develop, Chrome programmers argue at Google I/O.

Dave Burke, engineering director of Android at Google, answers questions from developers at the 2013 Google I/O conference.

Google engineers: We're trying to fix Android fragmentation

During a Google I/O fireside chat, a team of Google Android engineers acknowledged continuing fragmentation issues with Android's software. Also: might Android get dramatically different camera abilities?

Eran Feigenbaum, left, and Parisa Tabriz, two of Google's security experts.

Google security: You (still) are the weakest link

At its I/O conference, two of Google's top-level security experts say the company is intensely focused on the issue, but passwords remain a thorny problem.

Sergey Brin showed off Glass at last year's I/O, setting a high bar.

Google Glass as congressional catnip: That didn't take long

A new technology offers Congress a new opportunity to preen for the cameras.

Google Chrome programmer Rick Byers speaking at Google I/O.

Google likes the look of Microsoft multitouch for Web

Microsoft's proposal to build its unified mouse-pen-multitouch interface technology into Chrome gets a warm reception at Google I/O.

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