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Standing on errant Lego bricks strewn on the floor while half asleep is pretty much the most painful thing that can ever happen to you. Fortunately, the Lego clock radio is here to help you bound out of bed awake, alert and ready to watch where you're going.

The clock radio is part of a range of official Lego gadgets licensed to Digital Blue, including a digital camera. It's about ten times the size of a normal Lego block, and tunes to FM and AM radio (not DAB digital radio).

An adjustable backlit LCD screen tells you the time. As well as an alarm clock function, there's a sleep feature that automatically turns the radio off after a set time, letting you fall asleep to the soothing sounds. Sadly, there isn't any actual building to be done -- you can't build it into your own creation -- but it will click together with the Lego Boombox, also available.

The Lego clock radio is available now from Firebox for £25. Click 'Continue' for our pictures and to find out how much it'll cost you to get some studs in your snoozing.

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The radio runs off the mains, or four AA batteries. You have to unscrew the battery cover with a screwdriver, which goes against everything Lego stands for. Not only that, if you want to switch from 12-hour to 24-hour clock, you have to unplug it and take the batteries out. Bad form, Digital Blue.

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The studs twiddle round to adjust volume and tuning. Smack the left one for an extra few minutes in bed. The Lego clock costs £25.

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