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Yes, we know Lego is, y'know, for kids, but even as adults we still get excited about it. Because it's awesome. So imagine our childish glee when we learnt that we no longer need to settle for knock-offs like the LaCie Brick Hard Drive, because Lego has teamed up with Digital Blue to launch its own range of gadgets.

Digital Blue also makes stuff like a Batsignal clock radio and assorted Disney tat. So far we've seen pictures of a Lego digital camera and walkie-talkie, but other gadgets are on the cards, such as MP3 players, video cameras, boomboxes and clock radios.

No word on UK pricing or availability, but over in the States they'll be available in Toys'R'Us for $20-$60 (£15-£40). While they're at it, those pesky Yanks can take the 's' off 'Legos' and stick it back on 'math'.

If you can't wait to get your hands on the brick-built gizmos, relive your childhood with our history of Lego in pictures, or click 'Continue' to see what else the studmeisters have in mind.

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Here's the Lego walkie-talkie. While these first gadgets can't be taken apart, all those exposed studs mean you could easily stick extra bits on there.
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