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LG Gram (13-inch, touch)

This 2-pound superslim laptop has enough battery life to last an entire day going class-to-class and won't weigh you down.

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HP Spectre x360 (15-inch)

Does your grad like extra space to work when they're on the go? This durable, stylish machine is a dynamite balance of design, performance, long battery life and a crisp 15.6-inch backflipping touchscreen.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

For grads who really value a great screen, the Tab S3 is the gift to get. The Android tablet is the first with an HDR-ready AMOLED display and, paired with its great speakers, it's a top choice for indulging in binge-watching style, wherever you go.

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Samsung Chromebook Pro

A Chromebook two-in-one offering great value, features and performance for a budget-priced laptop. Perfect for grads who live 24/7 on the web and want a pen-enabled tablet and a notebook.

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Apple iPad (2018)

Now that it supports the Apple Pencil and a power upgrade, the mainstream 9.7-inch model offers more flexibility than ever before for student studyin' and streamin'.


Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

This slimmer two-in-one version of the XPS 13, a favorite ultraportable, is an excellent full-time laptop and part-time tablet.

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Lenovo Miix 520

This tablet PC will help your grad get their work done, take handwritten notes, stream favorite shows and explore their creative side.

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Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA

Like a less expensive 11-inch MacBook Air in build quality, but with the streamlined capabilities of Google's web-based Chrome OS, this thing is great for getting basics done, as well as kicking back and enjoying some movies or TV shows.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

Asus ROG Strix GL753VE

If your grad likes their gaming systems to look like a gaming system, consider getting them this. It has an RGB backlit keyboard and bright lid lights, along with some pretty great specs for the money.

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Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft's finely tuned tablet PC will let your grad travel light without sacrificing the full Windows 10 experience. Add a keyboard cover to turn it into a laptop. And now there's an option for LTE for when you're away from Wi-Fi.

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Asus ROG Strix Hero Edition GL503V

Asus' ROG GL500 series of 15-inch midrange gaming laptops will please all but the most frame-rate obsessed gamer, plus it's got a better-than-average (for a gaming laptop) keyboard and touchpad to get them through the rest of the day.

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Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

The 13-inch version of the XPS 2-in-1 is great, but sometimes you just need more screen. Plus, this is a more powerful model thanks to an option with the new Intel/AMD combo chip. And avoid the 4K screen if battery life matters.

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Apple MacBook 2017

It's the ultimate coffee-shop laptop for Apple fans. The updated 12-inch MacBook is a can't-miss gift.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung Chromebook Pro

This Chromebook isn't for your kindergarten graduate but it's a great alternative to a Windows or Mac laptop for the student who doesn't need a whole lot of applications.

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Acer Aspire E15 E5

It's a bit bulky, but this budget notebook has a ton of features, including discrete graphics and a DVD drive, for its can't-be-beat and eminently giftable $600 price.

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HP Spectre x360 (13 inch, late 2017)

If you're going to flip for a convertible laptop, this is a great choice, and 13 inches is frequently a more manageable size than 15.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Dell G3 15

With an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU, you can help your kid level up to Dell's newest G series gaming laptops without breaking the bank. 

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LG Gram 15 (2018)

It's a bigger and heavier than its 13-inch brother, but if your grad needs more screen real estate, it's quite light for a 15.6-inch model. And it shares the same all-day battery life, a great feature if the next stage in their journey doesn't have enough outlets.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Asus Zenbook Flip 14

Discrete graphics in a thin design make this convertible stand out from the crowd and give it a little more muscle than a typical competitor.  

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Asus Zenbook 13

Small but powerful thanks to its discrete graphics, this travel-friendly laptop will get them through the heaviest class schedule.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

HP ZBook x2

For the art student or newly minted MFA, this incredibly flexible detachable workstation with pro-level, color-accurate Adobe RGB graphics and a great-feeling screen for sketching shows them you understand that art requires power.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (2018)

Take school outside with this one, a great backflipping laptop with higher-than-usual screen brightness and broader spectrum of colors.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo Yoga 720

Another really nice 13-inch backflipper, the Yoga 720 might be a little more budget friendly.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Goldman/CNET

Dell XPS 13 (2018)

The updated clamshell version of its two-in-one sibling bests even itself and is a great Windows alternative to the MacBook.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Asus ROG Zephyrus GM501

Thin and light for a gaming laptop, this GM501 doesn't overdo the flash so it'll fit right in during the gaming graduate's job hunt.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

HP Chromebook x2

Like the Chromebook Pro, this isn't for your elementary school graduate; it's a detachable model for extra flexibility, and it's a more premium design.


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370

A solid 360-degree backflipper at a more saving-for-college-friendly price.

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET

Apple iMac 27

If your grad appreciates minimalist design, the iMac is a go-to all-in-one computer.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

Dell XPS 27

For the audiophile student, the XPS 27 all-in-one has 10 speakers guaranteed to annoy the neighbors.

Published:Caption:Photo:Sarah Tew/CNET

HP Curved Envy AIO 34

For even more room for work (or play), this HP's curved 34-inch display is great for immersing your grad in whatever they're doing and pulls double duty as a full-on entertainment system.

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A bag is indispensible

If a new laptop isn't in the cards -- or the budget -- help spruce up the old one with a great new bag

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