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Proximo keeps a close watch

For those of you who seem to always be forgetting your things, the Proximo Proximity Monitoring System lets users keep track of their valuables via Bluetooth.

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Tiny tag that tags along

The Starter Kit comes with a dog-tag-shaped key fob and an additional circular tag. By attaching these key fobs or tags to your items, you can monitor and locate your belongings via an iPhone app. Likewise, you can use its key fob to sound off your handset in case you can't find your phone either.

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Attaching it to keys

Due to small metal arcs up top, these tracking devices attach to mostly anything you want to keep an eye on -- say your keys, backpack, or camera bag. They're both lightweight, made out of black plastic, and small enough to hold in your hand. Both pieces run on a CR2032 lithium coin battery.

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A polished iOS app

One feature I found useful was that you can customize the pictures of the fob and tag in your app, so you know exactly what object belongs to what tracking unit. You can either use a photo from your camera, upload a saved photo from your gallery, or choose a simple preloaded icon like a key or a camera.

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Tracking in your hands

On the tip of each of these Proximo attachments is a small green light. When you use the app to locate either piece, the green light will blink on and off. Lastly, on the front of the fob is a central black button you press to locate your iPhone. Once it's clicked, your device will sound an alarm.

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Adjusting your proximity

From the app, you can customize a few options, like the sensitive range for each individual tag, which lets you determine how far you can wander before the alarm goes off. You can also choose your alarm sounds and turn off the alarm altogether.

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Additional tags to go

The Proximo Starter Kit (which gets you one fob and one tag) costs $60, and you can purchase additional tags at $25.

Updated:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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