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Proximo Proximity Monitoring System (Starter Kit) review: Simple and effective, but pricey

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The Good The Proximo Proximity Monitoring System is a cinch to set up and its polished iOS app is intuitive to use.

The Bad Proximo's app doesn't allow you to preview phone alarm sounds, and you must launch the app in order to dismiss a triggered alarm on the handset.

The Bottom Line The Proximo Proximity Monitoring System is reliable and very easy to use, but $60 is a high price to pay just to keep track of your belongings.

7.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

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I'm no stranger to losing things. From leaving my bag on a park bench, to sifting through all my coats in the closet just to find the one pocket I last left my keys in, it's common for things to go by the wayside.

To help with this, Kensington's Proximo Proximity Monitoring System provides a way to keep track of valuables via Bluetooth. With its key fob or tag attached to your items, you can monitor and locate your belongings via an iPhone app. Likewise, you can use its key fob to make your handset sound off in case you can't find your phone either.

The system's Starter Kit (one fob and one tag) costs $60, and you can purchase an additional tag at $25. While this is steep, it's cheaper than the ZOMM Wireless Leash, and the entire system is easy to use.

The Proximo Starter Kit contains one oblong key fob and a circular tag. Due to small metal arcs up top, these can attach to most anything you want to keep track of -- your keys, backpack, or camera bag. They're both lightweight, made out of black plastic, and small enough to hold in your hand. The fob is around the same size and shape as a dog tag, and the tag is slightly bigger than a dollar coin. Both pieces run on a CR2032 lithium coin battery.

Proximity fob and tag
The Proximo key fob (left) and additional tag. Both are small and lightweight, but not particularly chic-looking. Josh Miller/CNET

On the tip of each of these Proximo attachments is a small green light. When you use the app to locate either piece, the green light will blink on and off. Lastly, on the front of the fob is a central black button you press to locate your iPhone. Once clicked, your device will sound an alarm.

Features and setup
The Proximo alarm tags allow you to monitor and locate your belongings via a Bluetooth connection and an iOS app. Depending on how many tags you buy, you can keep track of up to five devices.

To get started, install the batteries in your fob and tag and then download the Proximo app. The app works on iPhone 4Ses running iOS 5, iOS 6 or later, and iPhone 5s running iOS 6 or later. Once it's launched, there is an intro video you can watch to get you pumped up about the $60 system you just bought.

Hit the Dashboard tab on the upper left to get out of the introductory area, and then hit the plus sign on the upper right to start setting up your monitoring system. Making sure your iPhone's Bluetooth is turned on, and hold down the black button on the fob until the green light starts flashing. On the circular tag, use a pen to press down on a small rubber button in the back. Once the devices are connected with the phone, you'll hear a little celebratory alarm sound from the tag pieces.

Proximo screenshot
The left screenshot displays the settings I can choose from when monitoring my keys with the key fob. On the right is the proximity range spectrum. Lynn La/CNET

From the app, you can customize a few options, like the sensitivity range for each individual tag, which lets you determine how far you can wander off until the alarm will sound. You can also turn off the alarm altogether, and choose your alarm sounds, both the one that'll emit from the tags and the one that'll blare away on your phone.

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