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Man Law Digital BBQ Tongs

From the kitchen to the bathroom, toys to sports, here's an additional assortment of gift ideas to suit your last-minute Christmas gift hunt.


They say that summer is BBQ season, but a true Aussie knows that BBQ season runs for 365 days of the year. The Man Law tong helps you maintain one proud Australian tradition — the BBQ — while avoiding another, namely burning the meat to a carbon cinder. Simply grab the meat like a regular pair of tongs and the thermometer will give you a internal temperature on the digital readout in the handle. It's not only great for the rare meat eaters in your family and friends, but lets you BBQ meats such as chicken and fish with just a little more confidence. And, for the BBQing neophytes, there are seven presets to help you look more like a patio daddio and less like a charcoal chicken cinder!

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Philips Sonicare PowerUp Electric Toothbrush


According to some dental research, you need to brush your teeth for around two minutes for proper oral hygiene. The Philips Sonicare helps you out with this by running for exactly two minutes when you hit the on button. It's also capable of doing 15,000 strokes per minute which, according to Philips, means you'll do more brushstrokes in a day than a manual toothbrush does in a month. All we know is that our teeth feel great and two minutes is a lot longer than we thought it was. Almost long enough to say the name of this product!

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Kambrook Little Chefs Cake Pops Machine


What's better than a cake or a lollipop? A lollipop made of cake! If you've never had a cake pop before, it's an excellent cake delivery system: just a bite or two of cake with icing in every nibble. With a cake pop maker, you don’t even have to carve the cake balls yourself. Included in the box is the machine itself, which can bake 12 pops in five minutes; 24 reusable cake pop sticks; and a handy cake pop stand. Making the pops is a three-step process that's so easy even kids can do it! And then you can steal their delicious, delicious cake.

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Combat Creatures


Everybody loves a robot, especially when they have names like Doom Razor and Stryder. The Combat Creatures Attacknids are a great series of slick spider-like robotic toys that shoot soft darts and discs, built to battle each other via remote control. The legs have armour that pops off when struck to create a competitive combat experience and see whose Attacknid will reign supreme. The first generation was controlled via a simple remote control but since then they've shifted to Bluetooth technology and have apps for control via iOS or Android.

See our earlier hands on with the Attacknids here.

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Blunt Umbrellas

From AU$69

Where there's rain, you'll often find wind — and it's a bad day when your umbrella finally gives up the ghost, the canopy tearing away from the ribs and flapping in your face like a soggy piece of toast. Blunt Umbrellas has tweaked umbrella design with what it calls "Radial Tension Technology" — a system of double struts, floating ribs and reinforced, rounded tips that gives the umbrella a flatter, more aerodynamic profile with no sharp edges.

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Golf Buddy WT3 watch


We’ve been talking a lot about fitness GPS watches lately, but there are a few speciality sports interests that have their options too. The Golf Buddy WT3 is a GPS watch that offers course information on 36,000 courses across 130 countries, including 1000 Australian courses. From your GPS position you can tell it which hole you're on and it will determine how far you are from the front, centre or back of the green. It also offers information on hazard positions too. All that as well as a digital scorecard option and, of course, basic run tracking for those who mix golfing with general fitness.

See our earlier hands on test of the Golf Buddy Voice here.

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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me


It's become affectionately known as "the penguin" in our office after recent testing, but this easy to use Nespresso unit, the Mini Me, is a new entry model for the Dolce Gusto range. This range introduced hot and cold drink making, opening up the pod world to everything from ice teas to hot chocolate alongside the typical coffee range. New flavours arriving on the official Nescafe scene include Ice Peach Tea (we weren’t fans), Caramel Latte Macchiato (better), Chai Tea Latte (better again), plus Cappuccino and Mocha (both went down well). The Mini Me takes away some of the fancier controls, offering instead manual switches to select either hot or cold water and also the amount of water to deliver through each capsule. Overall it's simple, effective, takes up little room and sits at a price that makes it a great Christmas option.

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iStabilizer Dolly


We're all using our phones to shoot our family photos and videos these days, so it's worth giving yourself some options to make your pictures and footage as slick as possible. This very affordable little unit gives you a slick and stable system for adding TV-style sweeps and movement to your videos. Rollerblade wheels and a flexible neck give a lot of versatility, with a clamp to suit most any smartphone and a tripod mount point to suit more serious cameras. Whether it's for letting your kids make stylish home videos, for taking photos and videos of products to pop on eBay or just propping up your camera in a steady spot for a group photo or video. Similar systems can cost a lot more so this is a bargain and a gift that keeps on giving.

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