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Astro A50 Gaming Headset

Whether you're shopping for the gamer in your life or just dropping hints for your own stocking, these are the accessories to consider.

PC, console, mobile, FPS, MMO, RPG — we've got you covered with this list of gaming accessories that are perfect for Christmas. With a mix of pricing, you'll find something for any style of gamer.

These aren't cheap, but they are one of the best gaming headsets that we've seen. Well designed, very comfortable, excellent sound and even wireless. Perfect for you or for anyone in your house who might be playing games just a little too loudly. Works for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Mag II controller

The Mag II is the controller FPS players might actually enjoy. Despite its appearances, it's notas tacky as a light gun — it's a full motion sensitive controller that even incorporates something called "gyroscopic induction movement tracking". It'll work with any FPS on PS3 or PC, and comes with regular updates for an ever-increasing library of functions. (RRP $149.95)

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Nyko Kinect Zoom

Whether you use the Kinect for gaming, control or both, a small lounge room can be a problem — sometimes, the Kinect just doesn't like you being so close! The Nyko Zoom reduces that distance the Kinect likes by up to 40 per cent — just clip it on and go. Best of all, you'll grab it for around AUD$30-$40.

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PS Vita Cityslicker

For the Vita user, consider the Cityslicker case — a ballistic nylon case with a double-layer, leather flap and a scratch-free liner. There's a stretchy zippered pocket on the back for memory cards and headphones, and it comes in a variety of colours. Grab it via Waterfield for US$49 (yes, you'll have to order it in).

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Nintendo 3DS Pull and Go Folio case

If the 3DS is more your speed, then the Pull and Go Folio case — an official Nintendo product, in case you were worried — is perfect. The folio keeps your 3DS safe in a removable system case, and also stores 29 game cards and a stylus. It's even work with the Nintendo DS Lite and DSi, and is just around $30.

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Steelseries Sensei gaming mouse

Serious gamers want serious mice, and the Steelseries is so serious that it called its flagship the Sensei. (Say that ten times fast). We loved it, and so will you. You can also shop around and find it for under $100 online.

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SteelSeries Free MobileController

Like it or not, mobile gaming is here to stay, and that includes touchscreen gaming. While we wait for the Free Touchscreen Controls to be released, grab this awesomely compact Bluetooth controller instead — it'll work across Android, iOS and PC. Make sure they're serious about gaming though — it'll set you back about $100.

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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard

We loved the original BlackWidow Ultimate, and the 2013 edition looks just as good, if not better. With a full mechanical keyboard, it also has on-the-fly macro recording and individually backlit keys. Shop around and you should be able to grab it a little cheaper than its US$139.99 price.

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