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Sensoria smart running clothing

Skulpt Chisel

Altra IQ

MyZone heart-rate monitor

Xensr Air

Moikit Seed

Lumenus Clothing

LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle

Spalding ShotTracker

Wilson X Connected Football

Smart Ski Airbag Vest

Organic Transit ELF

Sensoria is expanding its collection of smart fitness clothing. The company, which debuted a pair of smart socks last year, is showing off a smart short sleeve shirt, long sleeve one, and a smart sports bra. The company's clothing included embedded sensors to track various metrics while running, including cadence, distance, and more.

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The Skulpt Chisel can measure body fat and muscle quality on 24 individual muscles. All the reading on the Chisel are sent to the mobile app on Android and iOS, which is different from last year's model.

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Footwear company Altra is showing off its new connected smart shoe, the Altra IQ. The show includes a built-in sensor that can track cadence, foot strike, and contact time to measure running efficiency.

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MyZone takes a different approach with its chest strap heart-rate monitor. In addition to measuring beats per minute, the device will reward users based on their workout effort.

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The Xensr Air is made for action sports. The sensor can capture jump height, airtime, jump distance, speed, inverts, landing impacts, vertical feet and more. The company claims the Xensr Air is the smallest and smartest 3D sports sensor on the planet.

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Moikit's Seed smart bottle can track how much you drink and will remind you with alerts to remain hydrated.

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Lumenus has made a line of athletic wear for early-morning and late-night runners and cyclists. The company's jackets, vests, shirts and leggings are equipped with built-in LED lights designed to keep you safe.

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The LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle can store and dispense water, daily vitamins, protein powder and more. It can also be used with one of the company's FuelPods (pictured) for an on-the-go nutritional helping of essential vitamins and minerals.

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Spalding's ShotTracker isn't like the Wilson's smart basketball. Rather than all of the sensors being built into the ball, the ShotTracker has you place sensors around the court to accurately track various shooting and playing metrics. The advantage? It can track multiple players.

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Speaking of Wilson, the company is showing off a smart football with a built-in sensor for measuring distance, speed, spiral efficiency, and catch and drop detection.

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The Smart Ski Airbag Vest detects small changes in movement and inflates to protect skiers from falls.

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The ELF is a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle powered by you and the sun. It can be used to get around town. It can go 15 miles without pedaling and achieve up to 20 mph with electric assist. While not a traditional "fitness" device per se, a few miles on the ELF will surely give you a nice workout.

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