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A smart water bottle that helps you get your daily vitamins, caffeine fix or post-gym protein

This "smart bottle" dispenses a variety of nutritional products, including all-natural energy drinks and tea.

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How smart can a water bottle actually be? I wouldn't go as far as bestowing the LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle with a scholarship to Harvard, but it is an innovative and useful gadget for health buffs -- or anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.

In the US it comes with 10 FuelPods (which equals about 130 servings) for the price of $200. It's not yet available in the UK and Australia, where that converts to about £135 or AU$280, but LifeFuels expects to hit those markets in the next few years.


FuelPods look more like cartridges.

Nate Ralph/CNET

From afar it looks like a typical 16oz water bottle you'd see someone at the gym using for an after-workout protein shake. Up-close, as I saw it here in Las Vegas at CES, you can see that the top portion of the bottle can hold up to five small FuelPod packages.

On the outside, there's a circular screen towards its middle with two buttons underneath. The buttons can select which FuelPod you'd like to infuse your water with. Once you've made your selection, with the help of a sensor inside the bottle, it automatically dispenses the correct portion for the amount of water in the bottle at that time.


It charges wirelessly.

Nate Ralph/CNET

LifeFuels expects to launch an app in early 2016 on iPhone and Android that will also allow you to pick which FuelPod you'd like to fill your cup with. Additionally, it charges wirelessly. OK, I admit that is a pretty smart water bottle.

At Unveiled, we got early access to CES. Here's what we saw (pictures)

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There is a variety of FuelPods available and LifeFuel is expecting to release more in the future. They vary in size -- a single pod can hold as much as 25 servings and as little as one, like a Keurig cup -- and are broken down into three main categories: water enhancers, vitamins and supplements. Each category has a few options to choose from and include lots of healthy options, like a daily multivitamin pod or a pre-workout protein pod. Though they vary in price, according to LifeFuels, they cost about the same as buying a regular bottle of vitamins.