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Samsung's fifth "Active" phone is here! The Galaxy S7 Active carries on the tradition of a sturdier offshoot to the flagship Galaxy S line.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

This S7 Active shares almost all the Galaxy S7's features, but gives you even more -- it bumps up battery life (by a lot) and adds a handy key you can map to any app.

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Three colors

Samsung usually targets fitness buffs with its Active phones, but really, the sturdier, scratch-resistant device is good for anyone who doesn't want to worry about stuff like this.

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S6 Active

Unlike the Galaxy S6 Active, which offered a degree of waterproofing not found in the Galaxy S6 flagship, the S7 and S7 Active are both water-resistant.


S5 Active

Like the S5 Active pictured here, the Active button on the side can pull up fitness tools, or any other app you want, like Facebook or the camera.

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To camo or not to camo

The S5 Active came in two colors, including a bright blue for those who shy away from camouflage.

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S5 Sport

US carrier Sprint got its own version, the S5 Sport, which looked less rugged, came in its own vibrant colors and supplied a grippy backing.

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S4 Active

And here's the phone that started it all in 2014, the not-quite-rugged S4 Active. It touted an underwater camera mode not seen on Actives since. Don't forget to read CNET's S7 Active review.

This gallery also appears in Spanish. Read: Todos los celulares Galaxy Active de Samsung a la fecha [fotos]

Published:Caption:Photo:Josh Miller/CNET
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