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Obi-Wan Direction

V by Yavin 5

The Sex Blasters

Republic Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet

R2-DMC featuring Aerosith

JEdi Sheeran X

Hoth Chocolate's Greatest Hits

2Paca has all Jediz on him

Greedo Day's hit album 'Wookiee'

'AT-ATually' by the Boba Fettshop Boys

'1977' by Taylor Sith

Jabba 'Gold' Greatest Hits Album

Lady JarJar with 'The Shame'

The Rolling Clones with 'Tatooine You'

UK hi-fi and home cinema retailer Superfi has taken some of the most popular bands and albums of all time and given them a "Star Wars"-inspired makeover.

First up is that trendy new boy band Obi-Wan Direction with their hit album "Up All Knight."

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Next up is "V," a lightsaber-inspired record by the American pop rock band Yavin 5. It's a great album to listen to while you and the rest of the Red Squadron destroy the Death Star.

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It's the only studio album by the British punk rock group Sex Blasters, and "Never Mind the Sarlaccs, Here's the Sex Blasters" blasted its way to become the top album on Tatooine and beyond.

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American hip-hop group Republic Enemy's third album "Fear of a Black Planet" took the galaxies by storm when it debuted in 1990. One unfounded rumor claims that this album was the official album of the Galactic Republic before the first Galactic Empire was established.

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Next up is R2-DMC's cover of Aerosith's "Ewok This Way," with Aerosith's lead vocalist and guitarist contributing to the song that helped bring hip-hop to the mainstream across the galaxies.

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

With an album cover prominently featuring an X-wing, JEdi Sheeran's second album "X" made a splash with the Alliance to Restore the Republic as they prepared to take on the Galactic Empire in the Galactic Civil War.

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

If you want to immerse yourself in the music of Hoth Chocolate, the album to get is defintely "Hoth Chocolate - 20 Hothest Hits." It features all of the British soul band's best songs, and is as cool as the snowy planet of Hoth, from which the fictional group is based.

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

It's one of the crowning achievements of 1990s intergalactic rap music, and 2Paca's "All Jediz on me" won serious awards thanks to its hit song "Kashyyyk-fornia Love."

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

While Greedo Day has been around for a while, the punk rock band really broke into intergalactic stardom with "Wookiee," their critically acclaimed third album. This was definitely the cassette tape to have in the early days of the Rebellion.

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

The second studio album by British pop duo the Boba Fettshop Boys, "AT-ATually" had several hits that provided poignant commentary on several issues of the consumeristic intergalactic society under the Galactic Empire's rule.

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While critics initially tried to "Shake It Off," they eventually embraced "1977" by singer-songwriter Taylor Sith. "1977" became a runaway success across all quadrants of the galaxy with hits like "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood (Bounty Remix)."

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

It's hard to beat the tunes of the funky Tatooine-ish band Jabba, and their greatest Hutts album "Gold" featured every single one of the group's best songs from over the years. Whether you're in a cantina in Mos Eisley or one far across the galaxy, you'll probably hear one of Jabba's songs playing on the old jukebox.

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She's probably the most controversial artist in the universe, but Lady JarJar's debut album "The Shame" really took the galaxies by storm. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Lady JarJar, the paparazzi-sa either turn and run the other way or throw their cameras at the intergalactic pop star when they see her coming down the street.

Caption by / Photo by Superfi

The Rolling Clones released their 18th album -- "Tatooine You" -- to huge fanfare. "Tatooine You" soared to the top of the Billboard charts, selling several million copies on planet Earth alone (sales figures for other planets have not been disclosed). The album featured one of the band's most popular songs, "Start Me Up for Lightspeed," and was the final Rolling Clones album to hit the top of the charts.

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