Belle is the Beast

"My favorite is Belleraptor," Cooper, who's based in China, told CNET's Crave blog. "She's just the most beautiful, clever, and monsterly of all! She ate all her friends! I love that!"

"I saw the movie 'Jurassic World' and just had to draw something," Cooper said.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Ariel Raptor starving for love

This creepy illustration of Ariel makes us long for a mermaid raptor movie. Poor Ursula never stood a chance.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Save the last dance for Cinderaptor

Good luck getting a glass slipper on this velociraptor’s foot. Though we have to admit the ballgown and updo are downright fancy.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Let these "Frozen" raptors go

There is no better friend than a sister, and there’s no better raptors than Anna and Elsa from "Frozen."

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Jasmine promises to be a thrilling chase

If this raptor by Cooper marries, it will be for love, or maybe just a quick bite.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Your fate could change for the worse with Merida Raptor.

You have to be brave to  say anything bad about Merida Raptor's bright red curls.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Mulan Raptor wants you to stay for dinner forever

Every dinosaur attacks in its own time.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Raptor Pocahontas is on the right path

Disney's most radical heroine seems more powerful as a raptor.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Let sleeping raptors lie

Human princes beware, not all sleeping princesses should be kissed.

Photo by: Laura Cooper

What happened to Snow White Raptor's short companions?

"The princess who deserves her own movie should be Snow White," Cooper told CNET's Crave. "She's the first one who changed into a raptor. I would like to see her growth as a character who ate the apple then transformed because it was the wrong potion the witch used."

Photo by: Laura Cooper

Rapunzel Raptor from "Tangled"

Rapunzel Raptor is all we dreamed she would be. Dinosaur fans can request different kinds of raptors from Cooper on Twitter using the hashtag #RaptorRequests.

Photo by: Laura Cooper


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