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Dangerous dames: Velociraptors become Disney princesses

Beloved Disney princesses look like ravishing raptors in the hands of artist Laura Cooper. CNET chats with the artist about her inspiration to make Disney damsels even more dangerous.

You might not think a dinosaur makeover would improve Cinderella, Belle or Sleeping Beauty, but surprisingly, it actually does. Artist Laura Cooper reimagines everyone's favorite Disney princesses as if they were gorgeous, and rather hungry, characters straight out of "Jurassic World."

"I saw the movie 'Jurassic World' and just had to draw something," Cooper, who is based in China, told CNET's Crave blog. "I couldn't sit still because I was just so excited about drawing. I sat down to draw and these came out."

The result is a collection of whimsical illustrations of velociraptors that look like they have been whisked away to a fairy tale land where princesses care more about eating human princes than falling in love with them.

Since opening worldwide earlier this month, " Jurassic World" has smashed box office records and spawned all sorts of creativity, including zookeepers around the world replicating Chris Pratt's famous velociraptor-taming scene and posting the results to social media.

Each of Cooper's illustrations is accompanied by a quote of the princess saying something her human equivalent might, but with a creepier connotation. "I know you, I munched on you once upon a dream," Sleeping Raptor says. Sings Snow White Raptor, "Someday my lunch will come."

"I'm so thankful that everyone enjoys the raptors," Cooper told Crave. People can request different kinds of raptors from her on Twitter using the hashtag #RaptorRequests.

Here's hoping Cooper branches out and does Velociprincesses from other franchises like Legend of Zelda and "Star Wars." Hint hint.