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Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2016)

HP Spectre

Dell XPS 15

Apple iPad Pro 9.7

Origin PC Chronos

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Razer Blade Stealth

Apple iMac (21.5-inch 4K display)

Google Pixel C

This 12-inch laptop is so amazingly slim and powerful that it's the first one I reach for much of the time. The battery life and processing power have both gotten a boost this year, plus the higher-res screen looks amazing.

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The new HP Spectre lays claim to being the world's thinnest laptop at only 10.4mm thick, despite using mainstream Core i-series processors, so it's good for all-day, every day use, and looks sharp at the coffee shop or office.

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This high-end machine looks and feels much like a 15-inch MacBook Pro, but also outdoes the Apple version in many areas, including a 4K screen option and an eye-catching nearly bezel-free design. Truly one of the best-looking 15-inch laptops out there right now.

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Apple packed everything that's great about the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and packed it into the 9.7-inch body of an iPad Air 2. Like the larger Pro, all accessories are sold seperately.

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With enough power for the hot new generation of virtual reality headsets, but a small, sharp-looking body that doesn't scream "teenage gamer," this is a gaming desktop that's perfect for dad, and it can do double duty as a high-end living room or media center PC.

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For the dad that needs a bit of everything, consider this highly flexible hybrid. It works as a handheld Windows slate, a tablet for drawing or handwriting with an excellent includes stylus, or pop on the magnetic keyboard cover (sadly sold separately) and it's a decent laptop alternative.

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Somewhere in the nexus between sleek ultraportables, gaming laptops, and MacBook alternatives, you'll find the Razer Blade Stealth. For as little as $999, you get a slim, high-design laptop with a multi-colored backlit keyboard. Add the coming-soon Razer Core box, and you can plug a full desktop graphics card in for a great gaming experience.

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This all-in-one desktop is perfect for the home office or den. The 21-inch iMac also has a relatively recent upgrade to a fantastic-looking 4K screen, making it great for HD photos and video or graphics and design work (or even really big spreadsheets). Plus, this new version comes with a much-improved keyboard and mouse (or trackpad), which are also sold separately, in case dad already has an iMac and just needs an accessory upgrade.

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If you're looking for the best Android tablet, look no further than the Google Pixel C. It's slim, aluminum build is both solid and stylish, and its skinny keyboard's (sold separately) magnetic connection is so strong, you can hold the tablet upside down and it won't disconnect.

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