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CES Day 2, broadcasting in virtual reality

It's day two of CES 2016 and we're proud to take you along for the ride. CNET host Brian Tong hosts our first-of-its kind virtual tour, taking you to hot spots on the show floor -- you'll feel like you're right here with the most fun tech tour guide on the planet.

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Emicro One Electric Scooter

Here's a speedy 16.5 pound electric scooter that you just push off with your foot, and the motor built into the rear wheel comes to life automatically for up to 10 seconds.

Kick again, or just pull the handlebars towards you quickly, and it'll keep on trucking. It travels at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour (25km/h), and boasts a range of 7.5 miles (12km) on a charge.

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Mercedes-Benz Dashboard

While Mercedes-Benz won't show its new E-Class until next week in Detroit, we got a look at its new dashboard electronics at CES 2016.

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Haier HLC1700AXW

Designed as part of Haier's small-space living appliance lineup, the HLC17000AXW is on display at CES 2016 and available for sale now with an MSRP of $1,050 (around $AU1,500 or £720).

It's a washer and a dryer that also has a small profile -- and not having a vent seems to fit with that appealing combo. If it manages to still perform as a washer and a dryer effectively, the Haier HLC17000AXW could be quite the convenient appliance for apartment dwellers.


Goodbye, Moto(rola). Iconic brand name to be phased out

Check out Roger Cheng's exclusive interview with Motorola Chief Operating Officer Rick Osterloh, where he explains the decision to phase out the "Motorola" brand name.

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Bosch Simply Connected

We stopped by the Bosch Simply Connected booth to demo its haptic feedback screen and home connectivity access from within the vehicle.

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Never lose your stuff again! This Bluetooth tracking tag helps you find anything from keys to pets, but it also comes with Amazon Echo integration so Alexa tells you what room your stuff is in.

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Rinspeed, a Swiss maker of customized vehicles, brought a high-tech, self-driving concept car to CES 2016, showing off technology from a number of partners, including Harman International.

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BMW i Vision Future Interaction

The future of automotive dashboards is nowhere more in evidence than at CES, where automakers and equipment makers show off new concepts for how we will interact with our cars.

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Playbulb Sphere

Control Mipow's crystal-ball-esque smart light with a simple tap or shake.

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Behind the scenes of CNET's CES VR experience

CNET's Bridget Carey and Jeff Bakalar talk to VR-content provider, IM360 about virtual-reality video production and the hardware needed to create VR content. For a look at the video we partnered with them on, visit our tour of CES in VR.

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Unique wearable tech

As CES rolls on, we're finding some unique tech to wear. Bridget Carey and Jeff Bakalar highlight a few, including an awkward smart suit and a wristband that makes you stick your finger in your ear.

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New Chinese phones: Cheaper and good enough

You don't have to buy an Apple iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to get a decent phone anymore.

ZTE, Alcatel OneTouch and Huawei, a trio of Chinese companies you probably never heard of, have been busy at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas trying to prove that point. And while they may not offer all the bells and whistles of, say, Apple's flagship phone, they get the job done.

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Earins and Kanoa wireless Bluetooth headphones

The Earins and Kanoa earbuds are wireless Bluetooth headphones that Xiomara Blanco almost wants to pay $300 for.

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First impressions of the $599 Oculus Rift

After demoing the shipping version of the Oculus Rift, Geoffrey Morrison is more excited than ever to own one. Here's why he thinks the price seems totally reasonable for a first-generation product that delivers such an amazing experience.

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ModiFace Mirror

ModiFace is the company behind a mirror you could one day soon see at your favorite cosmetics counter. It supplies the software-plus-mirror combination to brands like L'Oreal, a current client, to enhance your reflection with anywhere from 10 to 15 makeup combinations.

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3D Systems' ChefJet Pro

Take a look at the intricate, edible designs we saw from 3D Systems' ChefJet Pro, a prototype 3D food printer on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Robot Barista

Join us as we check out this robot barista whose robotic arm connects to a printer to put your name on a cup of coffee, then sends the cup to a machine to make a custom brew.

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Samsung helps you do the laundry

During a keynote talk at CES, the president of the company's IT business highlights connected gadgets from Samsung and its partners and says the products are "in sync with real life."

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Segway Ninebot

Jeff and Bridget demo the Intel-powered Segway Ninebot, a companion robot from Segway that also transforms into a rideable transporter.

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Blu Vivo XL

If you absolutely must have a large-screen, low-cost phone, the Blu Vivo XL announced here at CES in Las Vegas is throwing its hat in the ring. Its $150 price tag (or about £100 or AU$210) is ridiculously low for a 5.5-inch screen, and that's how Blu is building its brand.


Garmin Lenexa concept dashboard

Garmin sees a fundamental flaw with the way we access information in our cars. That flaw is the touchscreen. In a private presentation on the floor of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, Garmin's Automotive OEM team showed Antuan Goodwin how it is exploring fixing it.

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UBTech shows off two robots for kids

The Chinese robotics company showed off a DIY robotics kit and a robo-sidekick that can teach you French at CES 2016.

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Tougher security checks at CES? Not exactly

CNET's Shara Tibken attempts to deal with amped-up security by wearing an 18-pocket jacket instead of lugging a backpack. How did it go?

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Tango time

Chinese electronics giant Lenovo is partnering with Google to release a Project Tango smartphone, which it says will retail for less than $500 (£340, AU$710).

Project Tango came out of a Google project to make better use of inside space. While mapping companies have plotted the outside world with remarkable accuracy, there are few aids to navigate you once you're inside a mall, large hotel or the like.

A mobile device with Project Tango technology would employ three cameras -- one to distinguish colors, a depth lens and a fish-eye lens -- to get a sense of the space around them.

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Aston Martin collaborates with LeTV

Aston Martin, in collaboration with the young Chinese entertainment company LeTV, unveiled an infotainment concept at CES 2016 that could finally bring the century old British car manufacture up to date in the in-car entertainment stakes.

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LG's rollable OLED TV

An 18-inch OLED display shown off by LG is so thin -- just 0.18mm -- it can be rolled up like a poster.

LG Display says the next step is to improve the size beyond 18 inches. The resolution will also likely receive a bump from 810x1,200-pixels, but since it's OLED its other picture-quality characteristics -- namely an insanely high contrast ratio -- are superb to begin with.

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Bosch's car from the future

Technology exhibited by Bosch at CES 2016 shows us how an autonomous car can also be connected to your home and office, act as your personal assistant, and even find its own parking spot.

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