Best reader badges so far: There's still time to enter!

We show off the best submissions so far for our CNET UK badge competition. Don't worry though, there's still plenty of time to enter.

Andrew Lanxon headshot
Andrew Lanxon headshot
Andrew Lanxon
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We asked for badges in our competition, and you provided 'em -- in spades. For nearly two weeks you've been submitting the funniest, most creative badge designs we've ever seen, and boy are we impressed!

We've spent so much time looking over the designs we've hardly got any work done, and two team members simply forgot to go home. With only a week left until we close the contest, we thought we'd take a look through the entries so far.

We have no favourites yet -- we're saving that for the judging stage -- but have a good click through the images in the gallery above for inspiration for more submissions.

What will you get if you win? Well, apart from the eternal pride and joy you'll inevitably feel being the creator of CNET UK's official badge, you'll win several copies of your winning effort. We'll choose multiple winners for that prize, but we'll also have one grand winner who will also receive a Chargetube universal mobile charger, which charges your phone using an AA battery.

Many people have tried in the past to be forever immortalised in the pages of CNET UK. Many have failed. Now is your chance to succeed where they did not. The competition will remain open until 12 midnight on Sunday 3 July, after which we shall enter the long and difficult process of judging.

If you want to enter the contest (we know you do), upload your beautiful designs to our Facebook page or email it to us at tips@cnet.co.uk. Please make your design at least 200dpi so it's ready for printing, and leave about 6mm around the text so your image has space to wrap around a badge. It would also help if you made your badge round -- a winning badge has never been square.

Don't forget that photos of our new recruit Andy are now on the Facebook page too, so try and slap his face on to a badge. It won't earn you any extra points, but he'll certainly appreciate it.

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Ben Buffone started us off with this classic design. We call this one 'Dizzy CNET UK'.
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Martyn Butler -- an Android fan -- brought this red badge to the table. Reminds us of a worm. Was that intentional?
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In a slightly more morbid moment, Mat Greenfield provided a badge commemorating those we have lost over the years. They're not dead, don't worry.
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Mat Greenfield comes in again, this time with an iPhone style badge. We'd like to put multi-touch gestures into this one.
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It's Hal 9000. And it's out for Rory. Hard to blame it. Thanks, Marc Crane!
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Three Wolf Moon? Try three dork moon! Jason Forster has captured Luke at his best, and Drew at his unbeardest.
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Pow, right in the kisser! Jason Forster is back again, hitting Flora with a DDoS.
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Luke gets the glam treatment courtesy of Jason Forster. If this didn't become a badge, we'd want it as a t-shirt.
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Choose CNET UK. You're absolutely right, Marc Crane.
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Marc Crane has certainly been busy with Photoshop. We're sure Flora and Rory were always meant to be an Amish couple.

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