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Pepsi Perfect arrives from the future

Fans consider October 21, 2015, Back to the Future Day, since that's when Marty McFly arrived in the future in the movie "Back to the Future Part II." The celebrations are already underway.

The world of "Back to the Future Part II" is more real than you might think. It's 2015 and we have light-up shoes, a "Jaws 19" trailer and working hoverboards (after a fashion).

In the 1989 film, Marty McFly enters an '80s-themed cafe in the 2015 future-world and is assaulted by Ronald Reagan and Michael Jackson imagery. When he orders a Pepsi, he gets a Pepsi Perfect.

To celebrate the film, Pepsi is releasing a limited-edition run of Pepsi Perfect bottles for fans.

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McFly's Mag shoes replicas

There are two Holy Grails of future-merch from "Back to the Future Part II." One is a hoverboard. The other is a pair of self-lacing, glowing Nike Mag shoes. You can at least get replicas that approximate both of them.

This pair of Air Mag shoes from lights up, but doesn't self-lace. They will certainly do the job for most Marty McFly cosplayers, though.

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"Jaws 19": Coming soon

In "Back to the Future Part II," a massive 3D shark jumps out at Marty McFly from a movie theater showing "Jaws 19." The joke got reborn when Universal Pictures released a trailer for the non-existent film that lists every single fake sequel (as well as the real original movies).

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A real hovering hoverboard

OK, so you want a hoverboard. We all do. You can try to buy a Hendo for $10,000 (about £6,525, AU$13,870), but it requires a special surface. Mr Hoverboard, a crowdfunding project, will work on any smooth surface by harnessing the power of leaf blowers. It doesn't look much like the one Marty McFly uses in "Back to the Future Part II," but it really does hover.

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Inside-out jeans are cool

In "Back to the Future Part II," all the cool kids in 2015 wore inside-out jeans with the pockets hanging out. A Kickstarter project called Outties attempted to make a production run of that style of jeans. It didn't make its funding goal, but it was a great cosplay idea.

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A hoverboard you must carry

You can't have a working hoverboard just like the one from "Back to the Future Part II," but you can at least get a replica that looks right. This board is an officially licensed replica complete with a bright pink, green and yellow color scheme. It doesn't actually hover, but it will look pretty snazzy if you just carry it around.

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Disguise your iPhone as a DeLorean

When it comes to impractical iPhone 6 cases, this DeLorean case from Bandai is pretty special. It's big. It lights up. It makes your iPhone 6 look like a mini time machine. It probably won't fit in your pocket, but that's the price you pay to look cool.

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Put a hat on your McFly

You don't have to befriend a mad scientist and take a ride in a time-traveling DeLorean to look like Marty McFly from "Back to the Future Part II." This colorful hat is a replica of the headgear he sports in the movie. It's reflective and shimmery, and it will give fashion designers nightmares.

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Marty McFly's skateboard

Hoverboards are a bit of a bother. They're expensive and hard to find. Skateboards, however, are a proven product that you just get on and ride. This particular skateboard is a replica of the one Marty McFly uses in "Back to the Future," so you know you'll be cruising in style.

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Doc Brown returns

We're getting all sorts of exciting "Back to the Future" tie-ins this year. Christopher Lloyd reprises his role as mad-scientist Doc Brown in this teaser for a short film called "Doc Brown Saves the World." It's part of a special 30th-anniversary box set for the series.

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Flux capacitor on your wrist

Your body is a DeLorean when you strap on a flux capacitor watch. The glowing wristwatch looks like a mini version of the gadget that helps power the rolling time machine from the "Back to the Future" series. And, oh yeah, it tells the time, too.

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A flux capacitor for any car

If you need to charge your phone in your car, you might as well use a charger that looks like a flux capacitor from Doc Brown's DeLorean. It won't turn you into a time traveler, but your nerdy friends will envy your excellent taste in auto gadgets.

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