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No hoverboard, no problem: Buy McFly's skateboard instead

Marty McFly's hoverboard antics may get all the glory, but he had a much more reliable method of transportation: a skateboard, now available as a replica.

This is the 2010 version of the McFly skateboard. The new one will be even more screen-accurate.

We're Going Back

I'm not saying we should give up on the dream, but it's becoming pretty clear we're not all going to have our own personal working hoverboards by the end of the year. It's not the fault of "Back to the Future: Part II" that it promised something scientists can't really deliver on yet.

Maybe it's time to step back and settle for some realistic transportation. Something with wheels that looks like it rolled right out from under Marty McFly's feet. Something like the 30th Anniversary Final Limited Edition Marty McFly Valterra/Madrid Skateboard.

It's a mouthful of a name, but it's meant to convey a couple facts. 1) It's officially licensed by Universal Studios. 2) Orders will only be taken until October 25. After that, you're out of luck.

This isn't the first time a licensed replica "Back to the Future" skateboard has hit the market, but it promises to be the last. If you miss out on this run, then you'll need a DeLorean time machine to go back and get your order in.

The skateboard is based on an original screen-used hero prop and has been redesigned to be more accurate than previous versions.

Preorders are currently open for $300 (about £195, AU$419). You can have the skateboard shipped within the US or you can pick it up in person at the We're Going Back "Back to the Future" fan celebration on October 25 in Los Angeles.

This real, functioning McFly skateboard prop will go great with your light-up, not-so-self-lacing shoes, plastic hoverboard and inside-out future jeans. Unlike with the current crop of hoverboards (I'm looking at you Hendo and Lexus), you can take it out for a spin on the sidewalk the moment you take ownership.

(Via Luxury Launches)