20 bathroom items you should throw away today

Clear clutter -- and potentially health threatening items -- with this list.


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It's time for a bathroom makeover. No, you don't need tools or a second mortgage. Just grab a trash can and a donation box. Here's what you need to clear out.

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Your hotel stash

Admit it. You're never going to use your stash of shampoos, conditioners and lotions gathered from hotels. Dump them in the donation box and take them to your local homeless shelter.

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Hair appliances

Any hair appliance with a worn or frayed cord needs to go in the trash. These are shock and fire hazards, so please, invest in a new dryer, straightener or curling iron. Here are some ways to protect your cords in the future

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Reading materials

Look, you have your phone. Do you really need anything else? Plus, magazines or books in the bathroom are just breeding grounds for germs and mildew. Ick.

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Your toothbrush needs to be replaced every three to four months, according to the American Dental Association. If you can't remember the last time you bought a new toothbrush, it's probably time to toss your old one.

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Expired items

Anything that's expired, like contact solution, rubbing alcohol or peroxide needs to be thrown out. Expired products don't work as well and some could even make you sick.

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Random bottles

No expiration date? Throw out anything over a year old to be on the safe side. While you're at it, toss anything you haven't used in over a year, too, even if it isn't expired if your storage is cramped. You haven't used it in 12 months so it isn't likely you'll use it anytime soon.

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Take a peek in your medicine cabinet, as well. Go through and gather any pills, antacids, laxatives, cold medicines, etc., that are expired. Don't stop at the bathroom, clear out any expired meds in the kitchen, too. Then, take them to a "take back" or "turn in" event held by your local police departments or pharmacy.

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Like other creams, lotions, medicines and the like in your bathroom, sunscreen expires, too. If you can't find an expiration date, the Mayo Clinic recommends that you throw out sunscreen after three years.

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Acne cream

Acne products tend to go bad faster than most products in your bathroom. Keep a close eye on expiration dates and throw tubes without dates away after four to six months.

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A lot of makeup products don't have expiration dates, so it's hard to tell when to start fresh. It's time cull your makeup collection when items start smelling strange, change color or change consistency. 

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Contact lens case

To avoid eye infections, get a new contact case every three months. 

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Okay, I understand. You probably paid a lot for your contacts, so you don't want to throw away any expired ones. Those expired contacts can do anything from make your eyes itch like they're full of fire ants to seriously damaging your eyes, though. Don't chance it.

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Brushes have little round nubs on the ends of each of the bristles to prevent damage to your scalp while you style. If the little nubs are missing on your brush, it's time to get a new one.

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Soap slivers

Unless you can somehow mold all of the soap slivers all over your shower into a usable bar of soap, get rid of them.

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Loofahs, sponges and puffs should be changed out every month or so. A good indication your bath buddies need replaced is if there is product build-up, funny smells or a general look of griminess. 

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Old towels

Come on, it's time to uplevel your life. Throw out old towels with holes. If your towels are in good condition, but they are a little scratchy, try this softening process to make them feel new again.

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Hair removal gadgets

If you have a bunch of hair removal gadgets, tweezers and creams, trim down your collection to just your favorites. 

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Open tampons

If a tampon -- or any other feminine hygiene product -- is open, it could have been exposed to bacteria, lint and other things you don't want around your lady parts. Toss 'em.

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Framed artwork

Art in a bathroom may look snazzy, but the humidity can make photos, drawings and paintings mildew and mold. Make sure any porous artwork in your bathroom is mold-free, then move it to a new location. Just toss anything that's moldy unless it is an investment piece. If it's worth some money, then take it to a professional restoration expert to be cleaned.

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Anything fuzzy

While we're at it, let's get rid of anything fuzzy that isn't a towel or a bath rug. Toilet cozies and fluffy toilet rugs are good places for germs to grow, especially when they get moist from humidity in the bathroom. Plus, a fluff-free bathroom is much more modern looking.

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