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Audio-Technica's new Creator Pack arrives when we need it most

The pro-grade audio equipment upgrade to turn your office into a studio.

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Headphones and microphones have never been as essential to everyday life as they have been in 2020. For most people, they make do with some spare earbuds that come with a new phone, or they just stick with an old headset they've been using for years.

But now we're all learning just how important it is to be heard clearly when we speak through our computers. Many of us are also pushing ourselves to not just spend time online, but to be more creative and to upgrade our online persona. How we sound is just as important as how we look, maybe even more so, when we're taking all our meetings online.

Even the most dedicated users out there, whether always working hard or playing even harder, find themselves spending more time than ever with their headphones on and a microphone front and centre on their desk. It means your gear needs to be comfortable to wear, convenient to use, and flexible.

Regardless of how 2020 plays out, the future is sure to have a lot more video calling now that the world has grown more attuned to the concept. What this means is the future of our personal digital presence deserves better than built-in microphones and tangled old earbuds.

Audio-Technica is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of professional audio equipment in the world, with almost 60 years of history in the space. In recent years, the company has been bringing more and more product lines into a price range that makes its quality and performance attainable to anyone who wants the best on a budget.

And just when we needed it most, Audio-Technica has put together a fantastic new bundle, called the Creator Pack, to deliver a pro-level upgrade in a box for just AU$349 RRP. With a microphone, headphones, a tripod stand, and a boom arm all in one kit, it's the easiest upgrade choice you could make to improve how you create, work, and play.

The Creator Pack features the ATR2500x-USB microphone, a side-address condenser mic that connects via USB-C to suit the newest devices (with a USB-A cable to ensure it works for any Windows or Mac hardware). It also includes a built-in headphone jack so you can conveniently monitor your audio directly through the microphone. The design also incorporates a built-in pop filter to ensure users get the best quality voice performance all in the one package. With a five-year warranty, this microphone is built to last.

The headphones are the top notch ATH-M20x professional monitors, designed for comfort during long studio sessions. The headphones feature deep ear cups and big 40mm drivers, tuned for enhanced low-frequency performance and excellent sound isolation.

By including both the tripod stand and the boom arm, the Creator Pack gives you full flexibility for however you need to use your equipment. If you're going the studio route, the boom arm is perfect for bringing the microphone into perfect position however you need to use it. Meanwhile, the fold-up tripod stand makes it easy to still take your mic to use anywhere you need it, whether around the home or on the road.

Together, this pack delivers exactly the kind of top class equipment any serious audio enthusiast would expect from Audio-Technica. That it all comes together at just AU$349  makes it an amazing way to upgrade your entire audio setup at an affordable price.

Audio-Technica's new Creator Pack is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to sound great on their latest podcast recording, or in the thick of important online business meetings, or just streaming the latest games to a live audience.
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