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Windows Media Player release skips a beat

Microsoft missed its planned Tuesday release of the jukebox software, which has been "delayed slightly" to an unspecified date.

Microsoft had hoped to release the final version of Windows Media Player 11 on Tuesday, but the company said the jukebox software was not quite sounding the right note.

Microsoft earlier this month said it would issue the final version for download on Tuesday. But Wednesday, a day after that deadline, the software maker said its release has been "delayed slightly."

"As with any release, quality is our top priority, and we felt we needed a few additional days to bring Windows Media Player 11 up to the high quality standards we--and our customers and partners--demand."

The software maker did not go into the specifics of which areas didn't meet the bar. It only noted that the final version would be released "soon," with no mention of a specific date. Several enthusiast sites, including Neowin, said that the company is now aiming for an Oct. 30 release.

Windows Media Player 11, which is also being built into Windows Vista, adds a number of new features, including built-in ties to Urge, a music subscription service co-developed with MTV.

Microsoft has been publicly testing the new media player since May.