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Will the Zune's battery life continue to suck?

Microsoft releases its first estimates on the Zune HD's expected battery life, and the numbers aren't great.

Zune charging icon.
Please, just stay charged.

Update: Microsoft has updated their previous figures to a more admirable 33 hours of music playback and 8.5 hours of video, with Wi-Fi off. Charge time is approximately 3 hours. I've officially stopped fuming.

Microsoft has finally come out with its battery life estimates for the Zune HD, and the numbers may surprise you. With Wi-Fi turned off, the Zune HD is expected to deliver 24 hours of music and 4 hours of video.

The numbers aren't shabby, but they're not great--and certainly nothing that will make Apple tremble. In fact, last year's flagship Zune--the Zune 120--was rated at 30 hours of audio and 4 hours of video. The second-generation iPod Touch, by comparison, boasts 36 hours of audio playback and 6 hours of video.

What happened, Microsoft? The Zune HD is packing a power-conserving OLED screen and one of the most impressive and efficient mobile processors on the market.

OK, at this point I know I need to file this post in the "unhinged rant" category, but this is genuinely disappointing. For Microsoft's sake, let's pray we're looking at a typo (Update: it was!), because when Apple drops a new iPod Touch in September, you can bet its battery life won't be going backwards.