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What's Creative hinting at?

Creative Labs teases new audio device as "acoustic masterpiece." What could it be?

After months of not even a peep from Creative Labs' stateside operation, I was starting to worry that one of my favorite MP3 player manufacturers had given up the ghost in the good ol' U.S. of A. Then today, an astute reader lured me over to the company's Web site with the following two screenshots:

Creative Labs

Creative Labs

So what's the deal, Creative? What dost thou have up thine sleeve? My curiosity has officially been piqued. I can only assume that a device being touted as an acoustic masterpiece that "you will want to wear" is some kind of ultraportable MP3 player. The image brings to mind a lipstick tube made to dangle around your neck. I'm guessing this little device will have no screen, a nonstandard user interface operated by twisting, and will be visually supported by a ring-like LED. Or perhaps it isn't an MP3 player at all. The item shown in the ad could just as easily be part of a set of headphones...who can tell for sure? The suspense is killing me!

(Thanks, Scott!)

Update, May 19: It looks as if the folks that commented below are dead on. The Creative teaser from yesterday was for the Aurvana Air earphones, as indicated by the e-mail screen grab below. You can pick up a pair for about $200. Stay tuned for a review in the coming weeks.