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Verity Audio's $325,000 Monsalvat speaker system

A lot of high-end speaker companies build cost-is-no-object systems, but even by that standard, Verity Audio's Monsalvat is pretty extreme.

The Verity Monsalvat speaker system, with its woofer modules arrayed behind the speakers Verity Audio

I've heard a number of Verity Audio speakers over the years, and it was always the company's smaller, more apartment-friendly models like the Finn and Leonore that most impressed. Small Verity high-end speakers are still pretty expensive, but when I heard that Verity was about to introduce something a lot more extreme, I wanted to know more about the design. The Monsalvat is very much in the Verity tradition, but the $325,000 speaker system breaks new ground for the company.

Design details are scarce right now, but as statement speakers go the Monsalvat isn't huge: its main towers stand just 61 inches high, 23 inches wide, and 44.3 inches deep, while the four woofer modules per channel are 21.65 inches by 28 inches by 31.8 inches each. The system requires the use of multiple amplifiers, and includes proprietary ultrahigh-resolution analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters.

I'm looking forward to hearing the Monsalvat at a high-end audio show later this year.

The Monsalvat external crossover system module Verity Audio