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This 120-inch projector screen is only $17.99

This foldable PVC screen has a black backing for extra-high contrast. You can hang it with nails, hooks, ropes or tape.

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With a projector and $18, now you've got everything you need for a home theater.


Forget hanging an old bedsheet on your wall or garage door. If you're busting out the projector for an impromptu movie night, there's a much better option: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the TaoTronics 120-inch 16:9 Projector Screen is just $17.99 with promo code YLHHMZX3. It normally runs $30, and it was $2 more last time around.

This is a foldable PVC screen with a black border and black backing, the latter important for preventing light from bleeding through. (See: The aforementioned bedsheet.) 

There are 10 grommet holes punched into the frame, meaning you can hang the screen any number of ways: nails, hooks, rope, etc. (You could even use double-sided tape.) TaoTronics supplies both hooks and rope, along with a protective pouch for storing and transporting the screen.

So here's the only downside about this thing: Because it's flexible and foldable, it's prone to wrinkling. TaoTronics says if you make it very taut when you hang it, the wrinkles should disappear after a couple days. Alternately, you can carefully use a steamer to work them out.

For $18, it's hard to argue with a minor hassle like that. This is a great option to add a very good projection screen just about anywhere.

Note: Originally published late last year. Updated to reflect new sale prices and/or availability.

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