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Start-up, others wind up for wireless

Skyhook uses Wi-Fi to concoct a location system that it says will rival GPS. Also: From Intel, one chip for all?

Skyhook uses Wi-Fi to concoct a location system that it says will rival GPS. Also: Intel offers a vision of one chip for all radios.

Wi-Fi used for location services

Skyhook says it has software that is more accurate than GPS for location-based services.
June 20, 2005

Intel expands its Wi-Fi chip technology

Processors are designed to support all current Wi-Fi standards as well as those expected in the future.
June 17, 2005

Boeing unit sees cell phone service in '06

Despite overwhelming opposition from U.S. passengers, the technology "is pretty well figured out," a Connexion exec notes.
June 17, 2005

FCC sets rules for VoIP 911

FAQ New federal guidelines require Net phones to include a sticker warning that calls to 911 may not get through to a live operator.
June 15, 2005

Wireless tech may hinder workers' breaks

The office of 2020 may allow for more job flexibility, but vacations may not offer a true break from employment pressures, study says.
June 15, 2005

BT launches combo fixed-mobile handset

But analysts say the complex issue of pricing will be key to whether the product is a success with consumers.
June 15, 2005

Start-up edges Cisco for Microsoft deal

After months of testing, Aruba Networks wins major contract to supply software giant with wireless gear, replacing Cisco.
June 13, 2005

Vonage, Cisco team up in Wi-Fi giveaway

People who sign up for Net telephony from Vonage will be able to turn in their old wireless access points for new ones.
June 12, 2005