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Poll: Are concert ticket prices too high?

Going to concerts, in small clubs and large venues can be an expensive night out. Do you still see live music? Or is it priced out of range?

I still remember this Loudon Wainwright show at the Bottom Line club in NYC thirty years ago. Steve Guttenberg

Let's face it: Musicians' income from CDs and downloads is on the wane, so they have to make a buck where they can.

Ticket prices for local venues in New York City can be pretty steep. Small jazz clubs can easily run $30, plus a two-drink minimum.

Steve Knopper's "High Ticket Prices Could Hurt Concert Business" article in Rolling Stone at least pointed to relative "bargains" among the big summer tours. Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen's shows have ticket prices under $100; Dave Matthews Band's seats go for $32 to $75; Pearl Jam's range between $42 and $77. Metallica, $50 to $76; Phish, $50; and if you can't miss U2, prices range from $32 to $256.

Those are the big shows, but here in New York City, jazz great Chuck Mangione will play at the Blue Note in July, and tickets are $20 to sit at the bar, $35 at a table. Over at BB King Blues Club and Grill in Times Square you'll pay $32.50 to see the Neville Brothers on August 8. They're great.

I still think prices are too high overall, but if you love the artists it's worth it. You gotta support the ones you love.

What do you think?

Are prices way out of line?

Or are they about right?

Can you tell us about any bargains?