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Parallels Desktop 14 saves storage space on virtual machines

The new version is a lot faster too, the company says.


Parallels creates cross-platform software.

Aloysius Low/CNET

If you like using Windows on your Mac, then Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac may fit your needs.

The updated software, released Tuesday, lets you run Microsoft Windows as a virtual machine on your Macbook or Mac and sports features that lets you seamlessly copy and paste information back and forth between Windows and MacOS.

Parallels said the 14th version comes with speed improvements that enable it to almost instantly load at a click, with new OpenGL updates that let it run apps such as 3D modeling tool SketchUp without a hitch and with a feature that promises to free up to 20GB of virtual machine storage space.

Other enhancements include pressure sensitivity in apps like PowerPoint and Photoshop. And if you don't have a pressure sensitive drawing tablet, fret not. Parallels added a tweak that lets you use the MacBook's pressure sensitive trackpad with your finger, though that won't be as precise as drawing with a pen.

4K cameras are now supported. Parallels is also preparing for Apple's upcoming Mojave update, though the company is still testing features that will be released when Mojave hits Macs.

The new features do come at a cost. Parallels Desktop 14 will charge $100 for a perpetual license instead of the previous $80. You can get it for $80 as a 12-month subscription license, though. Parallels Desktop 14 is available now.

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