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This high-end audio shop aims for young audiophiles

Noho Sound & Stereo wants to turn students into audio system lovers.

Noho Sound & Stereo has a younger vibe than the other high-end shops I've visited over the past few years. There's an energy to the place, which stems from the owners Alex Roy, Ron Kain, Chris Petranis and their desire to attract a younger clientele.

A look inside Noho Sound & Stereo.

Noho Sound & Stereo

Noho Sound is reaching them through social media, and they regularly host live music concerts for 50 to 100 people in the store, in a nearby loft space and at the World of McIntosh townhouse in New York City.

Noho also has a relationship with Groupmuse, a platform that brings classical chamber music concerts into people's homes and businesses. Those Noho shows are attracting Julliard students, and the store also does jazz and rock concerts. There are also themed listening nights, with a wide range of recorded music.

By exposing people to great music right away, those potential customers are then encouraged to listen to these new favorite songs on Noho Sound's systems. Hearing and feeling their music in a different, more meaningful way changes people. Not everyone of course, but some get it, and they come away knowing great sound changes the way they feel about music. That's what brick and mortar audio stores offer that you can't get online.

Noho Sound also seems to be attracting a lot more women, who in my experience often feel ignored at other high-end shops. That's wonderful news right there.

Noho Sound's selection of high-end brands range from Audio Research, Aurender, DeVore Fidelity, Focal, McIntosh Labs, Musical Fidelity, Naim, Sonus Faber, Sonos, and U-Turn Audio to name a few. There's lots of expensive gear, but complete system prices start around $1,300. Bottom line: Buying and owning an audio system should be fun, and that's what Noho Sound is all about.

The store operates on an appointment-only basis.

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