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Loiminchay Audio takes the state of the 'art' of speakers to a new high

Loiminchay Audio, a brand new high-end speaker manufacturer, elevates the state of the art with its beautifully crafted designs.

The Chagall Loiminchay Audio

While the mid-fi brands scramble to load on the latest techno gizmos and race to the bottom with ever cheaper prices and quality, high-end audio brands shoot for the moon. Take Loiminchay Audio, manufacturers of limited-edition speakers for well-heeled audiophiles are introducing their wares at CES in Las Vegas today.

The Loiminchay Audio speakers are artisan-crafted from sensually shaped layers of solid Birch MultiPly. The interior space of each speaker is machined out, the driver holes opened, and substantial bracing added, resulting in a tremendously non-resonant driver support structure. The speaker is then finished with sixteen coats of lacquer--Loiminchay's three models are named after great painters--Degas and Chagall and Kandinsky. The speakers are designed in New York by Loiminchay's owner Patrick Chu, and built in China.

The Chagall's cabinet mounts an 8-inch woofer in a 1-inch thick concrete board wrapped with high-quality leather to produce a remarkably rigid, non-resonant driver platform. The woofer's bass extends down to 28Hz, and the speaker's treble reaches up to a remarkable 50kHz with its optional diamond tweeter (yes real diamonds, chosen because diamonds are harder and therefore immune to the flexing of more common plastic and metal tweeter dome materials).

The Chagall is available on order in beautiful MultiClear lacquer finish at $35,000/pr, and in a piano lacquer finish for $40,000/pr. The Chagall equipped with the Diamond Tweeter is $48,500 in clear, and $53,500 in piano lacquer finish.