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LG's flagship 2018 sound bar offers Atmos and Meridian tuning

LG has unveiled its flagship sound bar for 2018, which includes a wireless subwoofer and Google streaming integration.




The LG SK10Y is LG's new flagship sound bar and, like last year's SJ9, it includes both Dolby Atmos compatibility and Google's Chromecast built-in for multiroom music and control via the Assistant.

The sound bar includes a wireless subwoofer, for a claimed 550W of total power, and the system also includes a pair of up-firing speakers for Atmos effects. In this way the sound bar bounces sound off your ceiling to simulate overhead sounds.

The design is a little more subtle this time around with a wire mesh instead of those distinctive "gills." The 'bar is also designed to sit flush underneath the company's 2018 OLEDs and UHD TVs.

In 2018, as a possible answer to Samsung's acquisition of Harman, LG is partnering with Meridian Audio to tune audio devices such as the SK10Y. The sound bar will include the hi-fi company's digital sound processing (DSP) modes including bass, space and height elevation, which raises the sound to the level of the screen.

Pricing and availability is yet to be announced.