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Jenn-Air appliances connect with voice assistants, Apple Watch

Dishwashers, ovens and refrigerators from the high-end manufacturer will work with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and the Apple Watch.

Jenn-Air wall ovens will be among the appliances from the company that will integrate with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and the Apple Watch.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Luxury appliance maker Jenn-Air's Wi-Fi-enabled ovens, ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators will connect with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants and even your Apple Watch, the company has announced. The integrations will go live later this year with the launch of two new Jenn-Air product lines called Rise and Noir.

These new partnerships are designed to give you more control over your appliances and connect you to them when you're away. Some of the tasks that you'll be able to do with these new integrations include the ability to start your dishwasher from your phone, use voice commands to preheat your oven and receive notifications about the status of your dishwasher cycles on your Apple Watch.

Jenn-Air is owned by Whirlpool, which announced at CES earlier this year the same Amazon, Google and Apple integrations with its Whirlpool-branded connected appliances. The addition of these connected features to the Jenn-Air line show that Whirlpool is serious about making Wi-Fi connections a part of your kitchen routine if you decide to buy into the brand. 

The Jenn-Air ovens will also work with the recipe app Yummly, which Whirlpool bought last year. Within the app, you can find recipes and set the temperature for your connected appliance. Yummly will also roll out an image recognition feature that will visually scan and identify foods and give you recipe recommendations based on what it sees.

Jenn-Air wall ovens were impressive before this latest upgrade. The Wi-Fi-enabled Jenn-Air JJW380DP, for example, worked with the Nest Learning Thermostat to automatically lower your home's temperature when the oven is in use. The wall ovens also had an easy-to-use cooking guide built right into the control panel that would make recommendations on how to cook certain dishes based on variables such as the cut of meat and the type of pan you're using.