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JBL PartyBox 200 and 300 speakers available now

The giant portable speakers let you start a dance party anywhere.


JBL PartyBox 200 and PartyBox 300 are available in the US now. 


JBL's gigantic portable speakers are now available in the US.

PartyBox 200 and PartyBox 300 are Bluetooth speakers that look like a boombox with two rings of LED lights. The speakers, which were spotted earlier by Android Police, have handles to help you in toting them around. In addition to connecting the speakers to a phone or other device via Bluetooth, you can also program a playlist from a USB thumb drive, and there are inputs for a guitar or mic.  

The PartyBox 200 costs $379.95 and the PartyBox 300 costs $449.95.

Both products support USB port, RCA, Bluetooth, mic and guitar inputs. You can link speakers together as well. The only difference is that PartyBox 200 needs to be plugged in, while PartyBox 300 has a 10,400 mAh battery that can last 18 hours.