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Headphones with iPod controls

CNET editors round up several sets of earphones with integrated iPod controls and mics. Includes models from Scosche, Apple, and more.

Klipsch Image S4i earphones with mic and remote. CNET

With Apple thoroughly touting the headphone remote capability of its various iPods, third-party headphone manufacturers are eagerly turning out products with integrated playback controls. One solution we've seen is the in-line remote cable attachment that can connect to any set of headphones, thereby letting you simply update your favorite pair.

Of course, if you need to upgrade from Apple's stock earbuds anyway, picking up a brand-new model with the controls (and mic, if applicable) built in makes more sense. The selection is constantly expanding, but not all the options provide a great experience. We've rounded up some of our favorites in terms of sound quality and fit, plus one supercheap model for those on a tight budget.

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