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Fibaro invites Samsung, IFTTT into its smart home

Fibaro hubs now work with Samsung smart home and IFTTT linked gadgets.

Fibaro just upped its smart home game at IFA.

The company's line of smart home hubs now work with Samsung connected devices. That list includes large appliances like washers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges, even air conditioners and ovens -- all linked to Samsung's Smart Cloud platform.

Fibaro also extended integration to IFTTT, a third party software service. IFTTT allows its users to control and automate hundreds of internet enabled devices. Underneath the IFTTT umbrella is everything from smart bulbs, thermostats, smart watches and robot vacuums.

Window treatment company Hunter Douglas is onboard as well. The company's motorized, app-controlled shades will play nice with Fibaro's smart home hub and devices too. Fibaro also explained to CNET that the timing of these integrations is immediate, as in they should all work right now.

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