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Cheap-Fi: A six-piece satellite/subwoofer package for less than $50!

The Audiophiliac finds a source for super cheap speakers.

OK, you blew your budget on a high def display and now high speaker prices getting you down? Step right this way, has the cheapest speakers around! Check out their SDAT CES500 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System that goes for $48.99!!! The package includes a wood, 60 watt, 6.5-inch subwoofer, and five small satellite speakers with 2-inch drivers. That's great if you have an A/V receiver, but if you don't consider the Emerson Dolby Pro Logic Home Theater System that comes with a receiver and goes for $69.99. You get a receiver and five speakers, but no sub. But hey, it's sooo affordable!

The Emerson system

Moving upmarket offers a five piece home theater package with large, three-way tower speakers, full size center speaker, and nice surround speakers; the SDAT Hi-Fi Surround Speaker System goes for a still very affordable $144.99. It looks pretty snazzy.

Interested in wireless speakers? has a 5.1-Channel 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Speaker System for $164.99!!! I have NO idea how good these products are, and the website's feedback ranges from raves to outright pans, and quality issues are frequently mentioned. You're on your own.

The wireless system
The big SDAT Hi-Fi 5-piece Surround Speaker System comes in black or natural finishes