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CES 2019: Trifo's robot vacuum cleans with speed and on the cheap

The Trifo Ironpie robot is built to vacuum floors super-fast -- and for less cash.


Most robot vacuums don't come cheap, and the ones that do tend to be terrible. Enter the $299 Trifo Ironpie. Despite its affordable $299 price, its creators say it cleans floors quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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According to Trifo, the Ironpie uses a combination of sophisticated visual sensors, processing power and software to achieve this. Additionally, the robot is designed to track its current position, plus remember where it has been previously.


As a result, the Ironpie should only vacuum areas it hasn't been, not spots it has already serviced. In fact, Trifo says the machine cleans "at least 10 percent more efficiently than competing robot vacuums". It's a bold claim, and one we'd love to put to the test.

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Other abilities in the Ironpie's bag of tricks include home monitoring (through its cameras), and future support for Alexa and Google Assistant (first half of 2019).

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