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Hive's new Link at CES 2019 could help you care for aging loved ones

Monitor a family member's routine remotely with Hive Link.


Track your loved one's routine with Hive Link.

Angela Lang/CNET

Hive, creators of the View Outdoor Camera, have something new at CES 2019 -- the Hive Link. 

Hive Link is a service created jointly with the Carers UK charity to help caregivers keep track of family members remotely. It works with other Hive smart home gadgets, including the company's door open-close sensors, to gather information about what your family member is doing.

Hive says its algorithm does most of the work by collecting data from the Hive devices and learning the family member's routine over time. 

The Hive app is your main access point where you should be able to see if the person you care for accidentally left a door open or forgot to take their medicine. 

We've seen a variety of devices that help you track lost items and daily routines for yourself -- or for a loved one. But we haven't seen anything quite like the Hive Link service before. 

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