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BBC to axe 6 Music, Asian Network and half of Web site, claims report

A detailed report in The Times this morning claims the BBC is to make extensive cutbacks, with two digital radio stations and half the corporation's online operation on the chopping block

The BBC is reportedly looking to make major cutbacks, with digital radio stations 6 Music and the Asian Network top of the hitlist. The Times also reports that Auntie's Web site will be reduced by half, with a 25 per cent drop in staff. Spending on foreign imports such as Mad Men and Heroes will be reduced, and a cap placed on bids for sporting events.

The drastic cuts have been leaked from a detailed strategic review of the corporation, due next month. Recent rumours of a threat to 6 Music prompted a Facebook group, 'Save BBC 6Music', which currently has nearly 58,000 members. The top trend on Twitter this morning, fuelled by the Times report, is the #savebbc6music hashtag.

Other mooted cuts include the BBC's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, selling off its magazine business, which produces titles such as Radio Times and Top Gear.

The proposals are seen as an effort to appease a potential Conservative government and reduce output in areas where the BBC competes strongly with commercial rivals, which have suffered in the recession.

Let us know if you think these cuts are fair. Are there better ways for the BBC to save money? Should it be concerned with the health of money-making media corporations? Comments are open.