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ARCAM announces first DAB+ digital radio tuner

British hi-fi manufacturer has announced one of the first digital radio tuners to be sold in Australia, but hang onto your hats cos it's gonna cost ya.

Digital radio may not have the profile that Freeview enjoys at the moment, but it's coming at about the same time — May 2009. The first radio we've seen that supports Australia's DAB+ standard is the ARCAM T32.

It's a stand-alone AM/FM/DAB+ tuner with an optional iPod dock. The T32 comes with everything you'd expect from the British hi-fi manufacturer, including a 24-bit Wolfson DAC, large VFD display and "discrete audiophile FM/AM tuner circuitry".

Of course, something like this doesn't come cheap, priced at AU$1,898, and because it's a component, it also needs an amplifier and set of speakers to work. If you're looking for a tuner without DAB+ you can shave AU$300 off as it's priced at AU$1,598. Both will be available in February 2009.

The T32 comes in a choice of either black or silver. Station selection is via presets or the large front panel knob. The tuner will enable iPod control via a "bespoke" iPod interface using the Arcam rDock or rLead and promises "pristine audio quality".

While the analog radio spectrum will remain — unlike digital TV — digital radio will have its own benefits including zero static, better choice, and song information.

The Arcam T32 features a DAB+ tuner and iPod connectivity. (Credit: ARCAM)