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Accessories for the iPod Classic

CNET editors round up a variety of accessories that are made for the Apple iPod Classic. Check out skins, cases, speakers, and more!

Make your iPod unique with an artistic skin. Gelaskins

The Apple iPod Classic is one of the world's most popular MP3 players and for good reason: it's nicely designed, easy to use, and has at least 80GB of hard drive memory that you can cram with content (which is readily available from the iTunes Music Store).

This slick device will keep you plenty entertained for sure, but you'll soon realize there's a lot more fun to be had if you move beyond the confines of what comes in the box. For one thing, those stock Apple earbuds aren't doing you any favors. The first step is to upgrade, and our top headphones list is an excellent place to start. Once you've got that sorted out, check out our accessories round-up.