Wyze Launches a $40 Garage Door Controller With Camera

The bundle includes a Wyze Cam v3.

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David Priest is an award-winning writer and editor who formerly covered home security for CNET.
David Priest
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Wyze garage door controller

The Wyze Cam will let you check on your garage remotely through the app.


Disclaimer: We aren't recommending that consumers purchase Wyze products at this time. Over the past several years, Wyze has suffered from repeated data leaks and security breaches, including a 2019 user data leak, exposed databases in 2022, and exposed video files that same year. More recently, Wyze has seen both 2023 and 2024 security flaws that let at least 13,000 people see through other Wyze security cams owned by unrelated users.

Currently, Wyze's forum report on the latest breach includes an update from February 19, 2024: "Our engineering team has added a new layer of verification between users and event videos to prevent this from happening again. We've also removed the client library and will not be using caching until we can find a new client library and stress test it for extreme scenarios like we saw on Friday."

This response is a start, but Wyze has repeatedly struggled to reliably update its approach to security and meaningfully communicate with its users. While we have seen security companies bounce back from security problems in the past, we haven't seen this kind of improvement from Wyze yet. So we are not endorsing their products or any services where you need to create a Wyze account with your personal info. 

We'll keep you updated on Wyze's security and privacy if our recommendations change. If you're looking for security brands that have made notable security improvements or have good privacy track records, we can recommend products from Ring, Google's Nest, Blink, and Arlo.

Wyze is launching a garage door controller in a $40 a bundle that will include the Wyze Cam v3 (normally $30 alone). Unlike other internet-connected garage door controllers -- most notably Chamberlain's $30 MyQ smart opener -- the controller won't use sensors to tell if your garage is open. Instead, it will use "AI vision-sensing technology" on the camera to tell if the garage door is open or shut.

The included camera is the Wyze Cam v3 -- the popular and well-reviewed smart camera Wyze released in 2020, which won CNET's Editors' Choice award. CNET reviewer Megan Wollerton commended the camera for its low price and high-value features. 

The Garage Door Controller is the latest device to launch in a barrage of new devices from Wyze, following a $155 gun safe and a $70 fingerprint deadbolt lock. But it also comes as Wyze grapples with a recent report that the company failed to alert users of a serious security flaw on its original Wyze Cam for three years -- a flaw that enabled unverified access to saved footage on the camera's SD card.

The Wyze Garage Door Controller is available to order now for $40.