Wyze camera data leak: How to secure your account right now

Wyze left a database exposed on the internet and logged everyone out of the app. Take a few minutes to secure your account and reconnect third-party services.

Jason Cipriani Contributing Writer, ZDNet
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You need to take action to secure your Wyze security account after a recent data leak. 

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If you own a Wyze security camera such as the Wyze Cam V2Wyze Bulb or Sensor Kit, you probably noticed that you were recently signed out of the app. The reason? Wyze has confirmed it suffered a data leak for most of the month of December, exposing user data for 22 days.

Passwords and payment information weren't included in the exposed database, but to be proactive and ensure user accounts remained private, Wyze signed everyone out and reset all third-party connections to its services, such as Alexa and Google Assistant

Here's what you should do to lock down and keep your Wyze account secure. 

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First thing's first, change your password

If you haven't already, sign back into the Wyze app on your phone and then select the My Account tab. Tap on your email address followed by Reset Password from the Security section. 


Reset your password, just to be sure. 

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You'll be asked to enter your old password and then enter your new password twice. Select Save when you're done. 

One more important note about your Wyze password: If you used your old Wyze password anywhere else, such as an email account, Facebook  or your bank -- change that password, too. You should never reuse passwords, and in fact, we recommend using a password manager to create and remember strong, unique passwords on your behalf. 


Set up two-factor authentication for your Wyze account right now. 

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Set up two-factor authentication

After resetting your password, you should enable two-factor authentication on your account. With 2FA turned on, anytime you try to log into your Wyze account, the company will send you a text message with a random six-digit code you have to enter before you can gain access to your account. 

It's a widely used tool for adding an extra layer of security to your online accounts. And even though we don't recommend receiving 2FA codes via SMS, if the service -- in this case, Wyze -- only supports SMS codes, it's better than nothing. 

Turn on 2FA by going back into the My Account section of the Wyze app, select your email address, and then tap on Two-factor authentication. Slide the switch at the top to the On position and then follow the instructions. You'll need to add your phone number, which will then send you a text message with a code you'll need to enter to complete the setup. 

Wyze Labs Inc-WyzeCam

You can do more than control your security cameras with Wyze's third-party integrations. 

Wyze Cam

Reconnect any third-party services

One of the first steps Wyze took after the breach was reported by Twelve Security was to revoke all users' connections to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and automation website If This Then That. As a result, you'll need to reauthorize each of the services you had previously connected to your Wyze account. 

Relink your Alexa account in the Wyze app by selecting the My Account tab and selecting Works With > Alexa and following the prompts. 

To relink Google Assistant, open the Google Home app on your phone and tap on the + button followed by Set up device > Have something already set up? > Wyze Home

Reconnect IFTTT to Wyze by visiting this page and clicking or tapping on Connect then follow the prompts.

If you need a password manager to help you keep your online accounts more secure, we've rounded up the best apps. You should also take some time to enable two-factor authentication for more than just your Wyze account, here's a list of the most common sites that have 2FA and how to activate it


Wyze doesn't only have security cameras, so even if you just use its smart light bulbs, you'll want to take the same steps. 

Chris Monroe/CNET