Nest x Yale smart lock will soon work with Google Assistant

Your smart lock is adding another voice assistant.

Molly Price Former Editor
Chris Monroe/CNET

The Nest x Yale lock, which launched in January, works with the Nest Hello Doorbell to recognize faces and announce visitors through your Google Home smart speaker

In a blog post, Nest announced that starting Wednesday Aug. 29, the Nest x Yale lock it will add Google Assistant compatibility in the form of voice commands. Google owns the home automation company, so perhaps it's not the most surprising news. 

Here's what you'll be able to do with a Nest x Yale lock and Google Home speaker: 

  • Check the status of your lock remotely
  • Lock your door with a Google Assistant voice command
  • Include your Nest x Yale lock in a Google Routine, such as, "Goodnight"

These new integrations don't include unlocking via voice assistant, like the August Smart Lock Pro or Yale Assure line of locks. If your Nest x Yale smart lock is paired with a Nest Connect or Nest Guard, however, you can still remotely lock or unlock through the Nest app. 

The Nest x Yale lock costs $249, or $279 when bundled with a Nest Connect, and can manage up to 20 passcodes for friends and family. It's not yet available in the UK or Australia.

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