August Smart Lock Pro review: Craving a basic door lock? August's clever Pro ain't for you

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The Good Your August Smart Lock Pro purchase includes a DIY smart lock, a Connect Wi-Fi module and a DoorSense open/close sensor -- all for $279. The Pro also supports Z-Wave (hub not included) and works with Amazon Alexa speakers, the Google Home, Apple HomeKit and Nest.

The Bad You can't buy the Pro as a standalone lock in stores; Z-Wave customers/anyone not interested in the Connect accessory must go through August's list of professional dealers.

The Bottom Line August's bundled Smart Lock Pro is a great option if you want tons of integrations at your disposal, but anyone craving a simpler lock should look elsewhere.

8.0 Overall
  • Features 9
  • Usability 8
  • Design 7
  • Performance 8

Editor's note, Jun. 27, 2019: Since this review was originally published in 2017, August has discontinued the second-generation HomeKit enabled Smart Lock. We've updated this review to include our Editors' Choice Award for the Smart Lock Pro model reviewed below. 

Editor's Note, Aug. 20, 2020: In August 2020, PCMag and Bitdefender released a report alleging that August and Yale Android apps when working with Connect modules were vulnerable to a hack during setup mode that could give away Wi-Fi credentials. In August's latest response to CNET, it states, "If the Connect's firmware is up-to-date and the user's August Android app is up-to-date, their device will not be vulnerable to the original attack even if the unit enters into setup mode." The following review was published prior to this report and has not been altered.

Here's what you need to know about August's $279 US-only Smart Lock Pro:

1. Its design and performance are comparable to the $229 second-gen Smart Lock (available for $199 while supplies last).

2. The Pro relies on the same app and has similar core features, including support for Siri, Alexa the Google Assistant and Nest.

3. It's Z-Wave-ready (hub not included). An open/close DoorSense sensor and a Connect Wi-Fi module accompany the lock.

This all sounds pretty great; you certainly can't beat the Pro's list of smart home integrations. 

And, yes, you're paying more up front, but the price includes a bundled Wi-Fi accessory, Z-Wave compatibility and DoorSense. August's $229 Smart Lock 2.0, plus a $79 Connect (previously sold separately) would set you back more than $300 -- and it doesn't work over Z-Wave or come with DoorSense. 

If (and only if) you want all of these options, August's Pro is an excellent lock at an excellent value -- better, even, than its predecessor. 

Folks simply wanting to operate the lock over Bluetooth or with Samsung SmartThings or Wink shouldn't rule out the Pro, but it isn't as good a deal. You'll either have to spend the $279 bundled price for a Connect Wi-Fi module you don't need or go through August's list of approved dealers to snag a standalone lock without a Connect. 

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