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Nest x Yale Lock

The Nest x Yale lock costs $249 for the standalone lock and $279 in the bundle carried by major retailers, which includes the Nest Connect module for remote lock access. The lock works with other Nest smart-home products to lock when you're away and disarm your Nest Secure alarm system. 

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Battery power

Four standard, AA batteries power the Nest x Yale Lock. When batteries begin to run low, you'll be notified by the Nest app as well as a red low battery light on the keypad of the lock. 

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The Nest app

The Nest x Yale Lock is controlled through the Nest app. From there you can lock or unlock the door by tapping the circle on the main lock screen. This is also where you'll find settings for alerts, automation and adding friends and family. 

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Emergency access

If the standard AA batteries do die, you can still access the lock by connecting a 9V battery to the terminals beneath the face of the lock. This will power the keypad and allow you to enter your passcode. 

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Lock history

In the Nest app, you can view a detailed history of lock activity include times and user names if applicable. 

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Doorbell integration

With the Nest Hello doorbell and Nest x Yale lock hitting shelves in the same month, we were excited for possible integrations. Aside from being able to view the live doorbell feed from the same Nest app as the lock, there isn't much there. For security reasons, you'll still need to manually tap to unlock for any visitors. 

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Types of access

There are two main types of access for the Nest x Yale Lock. Full access allows the user to control all your home's products and enter your home at any time. Home entry only restricts user access to only the Nest x Yale Lock. 

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Nest Connect

If you purchase the Nest x Yale lock from a retailer like Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe's or Target, it will cost $279 and come with a Nest Connect module. This plug-in module, priced at $69 individually, is the gateway for the Nest x Yale Lock to connect to Wi-Fi, so you can lock or unlock the door remotely. 

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Nest Guard

If you already own the Nest Secure alarm system, the Nest Guard keypad can serve the same function as the Nest Connect accessory. Using Nest's Weave technology, the Nest x Yale lock can connect to the Guard for Wi-Fi and remote control access. 

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What's missing

While Yale has made good smart locks and Nest has plenty of smarts in its Google pedigree, the Nest x Yale Lock doesn't have it all. There aren't currently any voice-command capabilities, though integrations with Google Assistant are planned. You also won't get a Zigbee, Z-Wave or iM1 (Homekit) connection for other smart-home hubs. Still, if you're a fan of Nest, the Nest x Yale Lock is worth a look. 

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Home/Away Assist

The Nest x Yale Lock includes Home/Away Assist to lock down your home if your Nest products determine you've left. You can choose how you would like the lock to act if you're determined to be Home or Away, as well as how long after this detection you'd like to the Nest x Yale Lock to lock. 

Published:Caption:Photo:Screenshot by Molly Price/CNET
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