Miracle Gro takes a crack at simplifying indoor planters at CES 2019

Make your garden grow with as little effort as possible.

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Complete with spots for four seeds as well as lights, a water reservoir and a simple tower, the Miracle Gro Twelve wants to make it easy to start your garden. It's an automatic indoor grower that uses hydroponics to keep your plants healthy while they sprout.

Supposedly, assembly is quick, then you can simply pick the seeds you want to plant and put them in any of the four available spots. You'll then add a bottle of nutrients and 2 gallons of water to a reservoir. The planter then sprays at the roots to keep your plants fresh.

The Twelve -- named to reflect that you can use it all 12 months of the year -- talks to an app with Bluetooth and will keep you notified if you need to add more water or take any other action. For the most part, though, you shouldn't need to. It's meant to be as hands-off as possible.


You can also stack multiple units. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

The lights above your plant will keep them healthy along with their regular doses of water and nutrients. Miracle Gro will also change its patterns based on how many seeds are planted.

If you want to start your garden indoors with supposedly little to no effort, you can preorder the Miracle Gro Twelve Jan. 28 on Indiegogo for $300. Oddly, it doesn't come with any seeds to get you started. It'll hit retailers this March, with a taller version for tomatoes and the like launching this fall.

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