Kangaroo security system puts motion sensors front and center

Startup Kangaroo wants to keep home security simple with a motion-sensor-centric system. Possibly too simple.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
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The Kangaroo home security system focuses on motion sensors. 


Startup Kangaroo is taking home security back to the basics with a self-install system comprised entirely of motion sensors. For $30 a pop (roughly £25/AU$40 converted), you can scale up your system as you see fit. But, again, you don't get options -- no door/window sensors, no cameras, no glass break sensors -- just motion sensors that track movement and alert you if someone tries to tamper with any of your Kangaroo sensors.

Given that companies like Ring have introduced user-friendly home security systems with multiple sensor options, it's certainly possible to offer a variety of accessories and still have a simple, accessible system. That makes Kangaroo's single-device-system uniquely inflexible, likely not in a good way. I do like that Kangaroo doesn't require a hub, though; everything is Wi-Fi-enabled and connects directly to your local network. 

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Pay $1 per month for the self-monitored system. Having to pay anything for a security setup you monitor yourself is annoying, but 12 bucks a year is about as affordable as it gets. With the $1 monthly fee, you get access to push alerts, texts and phone calls via the related Kangaroo app for Android and iOS -- although, again, these should all be free features. 

Kangaroo claims its sensors have "pet-elimination technology" to help mitigate false alarms if your pet regularly walks within range of the sensor(s). 

There's also a professionally monitored option that costs $9 per month -- or $60 per year, if you pay in full up front. If a motion sensor detects activity when the system is armed, Kangaroo says emergency services should be notified automatically. Kangaroo is available internationally, but professional monitoring is limited to the United States. 

Kangaroo is available starting Tuesday. Amazon Alexa and Apple  HomeKit  support are forthcoming. 

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