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GE Cafe cooktops show off Hestan Cue integration at CES 2019

The guided cooking and delicious recipes of the Hestan Cue are headed straight for GE's Café induction cooktops.

GE Appliances

Hestan Cue is partnering up with GE Appliances to add its smarts to the Cafe line of induction cooktops and ranges. Hestan Cue, from Hestan Smart Cooking is an app-guided cooking system that uses temperature-sensing cookware to adjust your pans and surfaces for a specific recipe. 

We took a look at Hestan Cue's countertop system back in 2017, and found that the $400 (roughly £310 or AU$560) pan and burner set helped us cook delicious recipes from the Hestan Cue app and improve our cooking skills with its guided videos. 

Now GE Cafe cooktops will have Hestan Cue technology and the same functions built in. That means you'll get Hestan Cue's guided cooking and specific temperatures. However seamless the hardware may be, you will still need two apps for full integration. Download the Cafe app for initial setup and the Hestan Cue app for the full experience. Here's how that works:

Guided recipes

A temperature sensing pan will connect via Bluetooth with the burner. The two will communicate to adjust the pan temperature and keep track of the cooking time through each step. In the app, you'll be guided through the process with visuals and videos from start to finish. 

Precision control 

For complete control over your cooking, the Control Mode allows you to set your burner to a specific temperature. There are helpful charts and guides available online from Hestan Cue chefs and culinary scientists, who put numbers to those pesky terms like "medium low heat" and give you exact digits for things like searing scallops. 

GE's Cafe induction cooktop and range with Hestan Cue integration are available for order through independent GE retailers. 

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